Saturday, February 27, 2010

Artist's Magazine Article

My painting is being featured in the January/February issue of Artist's Magazine. The article "Still Life Strategies: Five masters of the still life genre offer insights to their craft", discusses the composition of my "Dream Table" series of watercolors. Also highlighted are the still life of Jeanette Pasin Sloan and Mary Jane Waid.


  1. Dear Susan,

    The editorial team of Contemporary Horizon Magazine wish publish in the website a short selection from your creations (watercolors), with a little presentation on you artistic activity.
    See in the web some paintings by French Dominique Cibil from Nancy (abstract art).
    We look your answer to this invitation. Thanks and all best wishes to you from the editorial staff.
    Daniel D. Peaceman, writer and editor

  2. I saw this article! the presence of greatness...well, via the internet anyway.